Thursday, February 28, 2008

HORTON on the big screen...

Oh boy, another Dr.Seuss movie.

Needless to say, I hated the Cat in the Hat movie and I would dare to guess that Dr.S himself was rolling over in his grave over that atrocity but I'm (I mean, Bailee's) super excited for this one! They should watch out though, I'm sure there are going to be a bunch of pint-sized critics in the audience because the book sets a high standard, to say the least. A favorite in our house.
Okay, here's a cool site-- call the number if you've done something nice today-- come on "kids"!
My favorite part so far is you can write your own story-- my, how fun!

Horton Hears a Who
Of course this site is all about getting you to shell out the big bucks, but it also does a fine job of introducing you to the crazy characters, provides tools to make some pretty wacky pictures, and play some fun yet lacking originality, (imagine cat in the hat meets pac man) games. Enjoy!

Okay, okay- I'm excited too! WHOA, 2 weeks and 1 day and it will be here (3/14) in our very own OVER-PRICED Warren theaters (ticket increase), maybe we'll hit a matinee or go on a weekday (can we say coupons?)-- better get to practicing my mantra, okay Horton's mantra:
"A person's a person no matter how small..."

I do have to say, it looks pretty cute and of course there is always a lesson to be learned from the beloved Dr.Seuss-- Respect life, no matter how insignificant you deem it.

Chilly weather days not keeping us away from the ZOO

We have been fortunate to meet some very nice ladies that find our company nice or maybe they just feel sorry for us. :Smile:

We don't care; either way, we have been making weekly visits to the Sedgwick Co. Zoo. Not only has MOM gotten some much needed adult interaction with some very open-minded and wise moms, but Miss B and CY have been taking in every sight and smell at all the exhibits-and the best part, we've been almost the only people there each time, perfect! I think Miss B's favorite is the Rainforest shown here in her kneeling before the ducks and having a talk while observing their behavior picture. It has been a real joy seeing these real learning moments in the "jungle".

Here's a quick video clip of our visit too- those are our new "country" friends- Jackie and Hanna- who came up from the south to visit with us. We had a great time and look forward to more playdates together in the future. You can see B's focus as she tries to have some quiet time with "her" ducks and crazy chattering birds. "Mom, just leave me alone."

Here's one more of Miss B with her belly-button showin' friend Stella. They had a blast!

Momma's big helper

So, yesterday was more than interesting- it was a zoo but in a good way.
I had 2 kiddos in addition to my own spirited toddler and let's just say, WOW!

But here are a couple adorable pics of Miss Bailee being her mommy, protective self. What a great BIG SISTER she's going to be.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tongue-twisters and baby-isms...

From Mom: "So, I'm not sure what's gotten into her but it is pretty darn cute (yet fearless) all the crazy things Miss B has been doing... here is just one of the many new isms"

Tongue out (twisting, bleh, and side-to-side) all the time!
Oh, and now she's become fond of the 5 cent baby carriage find-- not for her babies but for her!
Good times until she got lost an eye! Just kidding but she did get her I'm-frustrated-because-I'm-a-toddler-and-can-be face on... eek!

Oh toddlerhood-- Mom never knew what hit her...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In the 60's in FEBRUARY!

He can't quite do everything I wants him to yet-- oh 10 month olds (haha!)-- but we had a good time getting to know each other again (Caleb's mom used to watch me while mommy was working). We had a blast today! This was our 60 degree ride around the neighborhood. Mommy feels like she accomplished soo much today-- gotta be the sun/warmth-- she even turned off the air (oops for forgetting to turn it back on last night-- Daddy almost lost a toe!) and opened all the windows-- I am SOOOO ready for spring! Daddy said -- "THE KIDS LOOK GREAT. B LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS ON HER SUPER-COOL FACE."

My mom says last summer I was the "carry me everywhere" kid and HATED the wagon-- well, not anymore! I was giggling with delight the whole time.

Friday, February 1, 2008


WOW! puppies, and kitties, and worms oh my! My auntie Marisa let me come visit her puppy Ajax-- he's a crazy man-- we were both running around barking at each other and giggling til my tummy hurt. Thanks Auntie M!

Daddy, when will I be big enough to have my own puppy? I will bathe him, and feed him, and do EVERYTHING (ok, maybe not pick up the poo-poo...) but really, I'll do EVERYTHING!

I love my canine (well animals in general) friends!

Hhhhmmm... wonder who I got that love from?? Wonder if we'll save any "wild" animals like G-ma Reed did? Can't wait til its warmer-- although that didn't stop us last week... I LOVE THE ZOO! And we're even getting a new safari zoo place this spring-- Check it out! and its right down the street from MY HOUSE! I wanna do this!