Friday, June 6, 2008

more trip WEST


One Best Western (with a pool!)--- WEEEE!

some tourist/history stops,
Custer's Last Stand museum/trails... brrr

and many many many snacks, meals (and flosses) HAHA!

a beautiful rainbow, and miles and miles of "nothing" in Wyoming...

What a rainbow?!
And the "nothingness"

We arrived in Montana, Bozeman, MT, to be exact. Met up with Aunt Melinda, Uncle Bob, the graduation cousin (Matthew), and got some more food- pizza, yum!

Bailee was just a bit stir-crazy after the 20+ hr ride so she had a "party" of her own.

G-dad, Bailee, and G-g-dad chillin'

I wanna be... wanna be like Melinda...

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