Friday, June 6, 2008

Graduation day...

Early morning breakfast followed by some more fun in the pool and we were ready to see the Big Graduation and par-tay.
G-dad Mike and Me all spiffy.

The Grands with Matthew~

Goober 1 and 2...

The PROUD Hettick Family

The gang with the New Grad!

Par-tay time-- this hammock swing was a huge hit! Weeee! Need to find one for the backyard.

And their dog was a real sport with miss B's "little" throws.

Awe... Brother and Sister

"Lady in Red" G-ma Jackie
The Boys- Michael, Matt, and Andrew

All partied out...

but wait, she wakes up for guess what?! Food!
AND.... a cool graduation smiley
head PINATA... with BLUE CANDY!
Eeek! Scary punks...

The "pros" show us how it's done in the exercise room...

The lounge... Where's your COSTCO suit g-dad?!

And a little R&R in the pool and the hot tub...


Pouting a bit cuz it's time for bed...

But wait, my work is not done.... massage therapy is HARD work.

GOOD Night!

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