Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Day @ the ZOO!

April 22nd, 2008 turned out to be Earth Day-- hadn't realized it until we pulled up the SG Co. zoo and there were tons and I mean tons of school buses pulling in, cars parked, etc. but not "that" many so we went in anway.. to find out that everyone was admitted free that day in celebration of Earth Day! Well, it would have NOT been fun to get there after 10a (school kids' arrival) but we were lucky to be there at 8:30 so we got all the exhibits, sponsor booths, clowns and goodies (freebie advertising stuff, recycling promotions, plants, stickers, bubbles, tattoos, etc. etc. It was sooo fun!) to ourselves for the next hour... the kids had a blast, especially riding in the "new to us" double stroller!! whoohoo! What a deal-- we have used it more in the last 2 weeks than we have ever used the big clunky Graco-- watch out world-- we're on the go!\

The animals were so active and alert-- I've decided that early in the morning is the best time to go to the zoo (cool, animals are bright-eyed and bushy tailed vs. worn out and cranky, and members get in early AKA less people!) So yep, I think we're going to make the Zoo a weekly "exercise" outing.

Crawdads showin' us their stuff-- Caleb wanted to snuggle one.
The Boeing (sponsor) lady was nice enough to take him out of the aquarium for a meet-n-greet.

Check out those sunglasses (the little diva even left them on for 1/2 the morning)!We had the gorillas all to ourselves-- front row--
they were putting on quite a show-- great fun! AND the real "monkeys"!

We headed out of there in the nick of time (another mom "ran me down" with her minivan to ask if she could have my spot-- sure.) And they were both zonked out before we even got out of the parking lot.

GREAT DAY @ the Zoo!

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